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About CowCatcher Leatherworks

CowCatcher Leatherworks is a small manufacturer of
custom made leather products. We have been in business
in Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1980.

We began producing suede vest kits and other leather kits
for the Capital Area YMCA Indian Guides program in 1999.
We will be happy to provide our kits to other programs.

We often have our tepee erected in front of our store.
Shown are Mark and Hanna, modeling two of our vests.

About our name

Once upon a time, our then un-named leathercraft shop was inside a western-style steakhouse.
One of the patrons came by and asked, "What's this area? Are you the caboose?"
And we replied. "No, if we were part of a train, we'd be the cowcatcher!'

caboose > train with caboose, bowcar, flatcar, and locomotive with cowcatcher < cowcatcher

What's a cowcatcher?

cowcatcher A cowcatcher is a strong metal frame fixed to the front of a railroad locomotive,
which pushes animals and objects off the railway track as the train moves forward.

 It's also called a buffer, a fender, or a pilot.

Note that this is not the same as a "cow catcher" cowboy! cowboy catching cow

locomotive with cowcatchercowcatcher - cow - cowboy cowboy
----------------------------------- cow 

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