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Examples of Customers’ Assembled Kits

Big Badge for Vest Back

This is my first time painting on leather. [These are for grandchildrens’ vests.] I used a piece of the leather you sent me. It started as a test but by using another piece of leather it started to look like a great idea.  The front side of the vest is loaded with thick badges with made it cumbersome to work on, so this worked out great. Because I needed to fold the vests to ship, my son will glue these to the back when they get to their home.

I started with Liquitex white, painting a ground with my finger over the entire circle. I was able to transfer my design using carbon paper. Then applying Liquitex ink and Liquitex Heavy Body acrylics with a brush inked in and painted in the design.

If I was wealthy maybe silk screening would have given me a more desirable outcome!

Thank you for your guidance, I could never do this without your help. Grant Parish

Tribal Standards

Made by a former Princess!

For Custom Embroidery and Lettering on vest contact

G’S Custom Made

located in Colleyville, Texas


“Bear Ate My Vest”

Although our first tribe meeting went well, the plan to deliver the vests almost soured a young Princess’s experience early in the program. We made it a point (my little Pocahontas and I) to deliver our Pow Wow invitations personally and hand off the vests, however a few had to be dropped off at the front door step. Unknown to me until the First Tribe Meeting, one family came home to find only one vest at their doorstep, and had to search the surrounding area for the other until ultimately finding it in the woods next to their house. Apparently the vest was taken by a “bear” and half destroyed!  No one in the tribe knew about the unfortunate attack, until the First Tribe Meeting when it came time for the Princess to introduce her Indian name which was “Bear Ate My Vest”, and then she told us the story about the bear and her vest.

How about that for an interesting name.

—Bee Warrior, Blue Bead Tribe, Goldsboro NC

Miss Laughlin with her new Ladybug vest

Tom Laughlin bought a vest kit for his daughter.
After assembling the vest:
“We purchased a special textile paint and stenciling kit at Ben Franklin’s Crafts.
The materials work very well on the vest.”

Indian Princess
Boo Radley
the Little Bluebird
all ready for
her tribal meeting.

Little Bluebird

Bluebird and Dolphin and Falcon were painted by Grandpa!

Blue Dolphin

Golden Falcon

Tribal Standards and Vests

presenting The Raging Ravens of Raleigh NC – Autumn 2009

Headband and Talking Stick

Headband with Feathers

Customized Talking Stick

Name Tags

Name Tags – Might Panthers

Name Tags – Raging Ravens

From Jim Doherty: Here are some pics of mine (Moon Warrior) and my daughter’s (Moon Flower) name tags. There is also a shot of the back of the badge where I drew a totem for our tribe (Raging Ravens) You will also note the symbol I created for the tribe (the back to back red R’s) at the top of the badge. [Contact Jim Doherty for more info about the Raging Ravens.]

Big Bull – Eye of the Tiger

Running Hamster – Curious Beaver

Great White Shark – Little Blue Shark

Big Sahale – Little Sahale

Dancing Bear – Cuddling Cub

Some of the Raging Ravens name tags – with story

Raging Ravens
Tribal Story:
A Fable
with A Moral

Raging Ravens Totem

“No Country for Old Bears”

Running Fox

One day Chief Running Fox, the wise leader of the Raging Raven’s Tribe, approached his most courageous brave, Moon Warrior, and asked him to solve a problem.

“I need you to seek out the sacred prune patch and bring me prunes so that I may solve the tribe’s most pressing problem.”

Moon Warrior

Moon Warrior set out to accomplish his mission but he did not know where the sacred prune patch was, so he called his friend Big Sahale and asked him to fly above the great forest to locate the prunes.

Big Sahale

Big Sahale soon found the patch but reported that the path to it had been blocked by the forest.Moon Warrior then called his friend Big Bull to charge through the forest and clear a path.

Big Bull

After the path had been cleared Moon Warrior asked his friend Arguing Bear to collect the prunes, which of course he immediately disagreed with.Moon Warrior decided to agree with Arguing Bear, saying the whole thing seemed a bit foolish…

The prunes were then promptly collected by Arguing Bear.

Arguing Bear

Once the Prunes were collected, Moon Warrior proudly delivered them to the Chief, who enacted the sacred rite of feature creep and said what he really needed was the juice from within the prunes, and there was yet more work to do.

Somewhat stumped, Moon Warrior asked his clever friend Curious Beaver if he could help.

Curious Beaver

Curious Beaver scratched his head for a bit and then dropped the prunes in a barrel and called his friend Dancing Bear over, inviting him to stand in the barrel.

Once Dancing Bear was in the barrel, Curious Beaver began thumping his mighty tail, singing, “Carolina Bears, Best in World!” In no time, the prunes were reduced to juice!

Dancing Bear

At this, Chief Running Fox collected the juice in a cup and delivered it to Grey Bear, who was a bit backed up and had resorted to publishing harsh tribe editorials in a misplaced effort to deal with his growing intestinal discomfort.

Soon after consuming the prune juice, Grey Bear was back to his old self, and the tribe could go about its business without fearing his mighty pen.

Grey Bear

The Moral of this story:

Bears do in fact poop in the woods,
but sometimes the old timers need some help from their friends.