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Store Hours:

New Location!
111 Railroad Street
Knightdale, NC 27545

Monday thru Friday
9:00 am-5:00 pm
After Hours or
on Weekends,
Call Ahead for Service
(919) 909-2597





Gun holsters and knife sheaths for any shape or purpose

“Wild Barry” Wilder

Heart surgeon hunts wild boar with this 7″ Super Blackhawk Ruger.

“Neck Knife”
(to be worn around neck)
with Jaguar tooth handle

Ladies’ “Neck Knife”
with Lizard inlay
Knife by “Hot Damn Forge”

Sheath has Beaver Tail inlay Knife by “Hot Damn Forge”

Ostrich knee leather

Customer’s antique beads and old knife —
beads more valuable than knife and sheath

Traveling chef kit

Limited edition scissor and knife sheaths for Cooper Industries

The man’s name was Andy Barefoot.

Man and wife matched saddlebags and rifle scabbards